Students’ Scientific Society

Students’ Scientific Society (SSS) of Academy has 40 student research groups, covering more than 450 students. This creates conditions for creative work, gaining confidence in their ability of mastering academic materials to achieve the necessary professional skills.

Work SSS includes:

  • Work on experimental and clinical research;
  • Organizing and conducting student conferences, scientific and educational work at the DMA; Preparation of materials for presentations and participation in international, national, intercollegiate and interdepartmental conferences;
  • Publishing of students’ scientific journal “Dniprovsky Medical Journal”;
  • Support and development of the official website of SSS DMA.

The Academy created the proper conditions for the performance of students’ research work in extracurricular time. Recently we have increased levels of scientific publications of students and young scientists with a focus on professional journals.

SSS conducts regular informing of all departments of DMA about the planned scientific events (conferences, contests, competitions, etc.), conducted with the participation of students and young scientists.

Supervisor of student scientific society – professor Igor Tverdokhlib. Under the direction of professor I.V. Tverdohlib our academy annually organizes over 30 conferences at various levels. In 2009 launched a new initiative – the creation of periodic students’ scientific journal in electronic format on the revived webpage of SSS, named “Dniprovsky Medical Journal”.

Young scientists of DMA make meaningful contributions to scientific conferences held in other cities of the country and abroad, and the winners get diplomas in various student conferences and congresses, national student competitions, national competitions of scientific works. Students of DMA repeatedly became awarded by NAS and NAMS of Ukraine and other Ukrainian organizations. In our institution the system of awarding the best young scientists was created and we have personal awards of prominent DMA scientists – L.V. Novytskaya-Usenko, S.Ye.Stebelsky, V.M. Dzyak.

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