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Welcome to the web page of the State Establishment “Dnipro State Medical University of Health Ministry of Ukraine”!

Dnipro State Medical University was founded on the 15th (28) of September, 1916, as the Katerynoslavskyi Higher women’s courses medical department. Now it is one of the most widespread and popular higher educational institutions of the 4th accreditation level in Ukraine, providing unique constantly three – steps training of specialists. The first level of education includes the premedical course, medical lyceum – boarding school “Dnipro”, medical college. The second one is University level, which include three medical faculties, the dental one and two international faculties. Generally, 4175 students qualify in academy. The postgraduate level of medical education consists of the postgraduate study faculty, internship, master’s course, clinical ordinatura, PhD course).

More than 50000 DMA graduates are involved in Ukrainian health care system. Since 1990 the academy had been training doctors for foreign countries and almost thousand of specialists with DMA diplomas working in 48 countries of the world.

The main goal of our teaching staff is to continually upgrade quality of the educational process according to the XXI century requirements. The academy is the first one among medical universities to provide license “Krok” test exams for current knowledge control, and the credit-module system, developed on the basis of leading European universities curricula. The academy has united a number of final exams into the final practically-oriented examination.

The Academy regularly participates in the international educational exhibitions and has been awarded by gold medals for outstanding achievements.

The close partnership with universities in France, Italy, USA, Germany, and the organizations in Sweden, the Netherlands, Great Britain is very fruitful. Dnipro State Medical University is a member of European Association of International education, and cooperates with World Health Organization and the other institutions actively.

The academic process has been carrying out by 619 teachers among them 108 doctors of science and 353 candidates of science, 1 academician and 3 corresponding member of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, 1 corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, 10 honored sciences and technology researchers, 7 honored higher school and education workers, 10 distinguished doctors, 10 laureates of the State prize, whose scientific achievements are considered to be a great contribution into the Treasury of the Science of Ukraine.

Scientific school of orthopaedics and traumatology (professors: A.E. Loskutov, L.Yu. Naumenko), scientific school of surgery (professor Ya.S. Bereznitskyi), scientific school of anesthesiology and intensive care (professor L.V. Novytska-Usenko), scientific school of urology (professor A.V. Lyulko), scientific school of neurology (professor L.A. Dzyak), scientific school of therapy (professors T.A. Pertseva, G.V. Dzyak), scientific school of otolaryngology (professor V.V. Bereznyuk) and others are famous as great scientists` centers and the source of the updated knowledge for the new generation of doctors.

The specialized academic councils such as D 08.601.01 – anesthesiology (14.01.30), intensive therapy (14.01.03), surgery, physical therapy and sports medicine (14.01.24); D 08.601.02 – Pediatrics (14.01.10), cardiology (14.01.11), gastroenterology (14.01.36) successfully work in the thesis’s defending. Academy is famous for issuing the journals “Medical perspectives”, “Dermatology, cosmetology, sexual pathology”, “Urology”, “Morphology”.

40 clinical departments of the Academy fulfill the medical treatment activity. This branch of activity includes medical and diagnostic centers, consultative out-patient department, where our advanced specialists supply highly qualified medical aid for the patients.

The following medical and educational departments have been included to the Academy structure recently: a balneary clinic has become the “Dnipro State Medical University Clinic” and the medical college has trained the first paramedics.

Our professors and associate professors are serving sanitary aviation calls. They are participants of the “Health Days”, providing medical and consultative assistance to the citizens – inhabitants of different regions and the city of Dnipropetrovsk. The doctors from academy take active part in Regional programs of mothers and children health improvement.

Paying attention to practical health care needs, we concentrate out attention on the family doctors training, having organized the postgraduate education department and having harmonized curricula in compliance to the undergraduate requirements.

Our material basis consists of 8 academic buildings with more than 600 lecture halls, classrooms and laboratories, 7 dormitories, sports complex with a swimming pool, scientific library, technological centre, two museums, vivarium, spa center, out of city sports camp.

The academy provides good quality conditions for further doctors’ training worthy the 21st century conditions, as well as favorable atmosphere in order to develop medical science.

In addition to the professional education, the authority of Academy has focused on the ethic and intellectual behavior of students. The unique profession of a doctor demands high moral standards, the nobility of soul, the depth of emotion to cure patients.

DMA supports this long-standing humanitarian tradition from the Soviet Union epoch and is still staying powerful cultural, social, scientifical and educational centre. Therefore, the “students unions” were created on the basis of all these deontological, moral and ethical roots in order to develop educational process and personal needs of the students. As a consequence numerous volunteer associations like “МЛАД”, “Надія”, “Паросток”, “Милосердя” are not only the mean of medical skills improvement but the perfect character building one.

Student association “Берегиня” under the supervision by the Department of Humanitarian Sciences forms national and patriotic consciousness of students. Academy continues to provide annual trips to treasure center of Ukrainian national painting in Petrykivka region. It is impossible to imagine social life of Academy without debate and self promotion club “Душа” (supported by the specialists from psychological and physiological laboratory). The basic purpose of this club is to help former pupils to integrate into the student’s society, to adapt into new educational system, provide educational loading in the practice, and respond to the teachers’ requirements.

Students unions as “Літературна вітальня”, intellectual club “Що? Де? Коли?”, and the press club for students’ youth, (at local newspaper “Пульс”) are integrated part of social and cultural life of future doctors. Local dance ensembles “Ерідан”, “Дніпровські зорі”, folk choir, numerous groups of amateur performances are very popular among the students.

By all means such perfect features of the doctors’ personality as the talent, creative courage, culture, intelligence, education, charity are background for modern physician, being the key to his professional success and life standards in society. In addition, the highest aim of society is to provide decent health care service, to support high life standards for the citizens of independent Ukraine and the whole world.


Pertseva Tetyana Oleksiivna

Rector, Corresponding Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

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