Student’s club

Cultural and creative center of the Medical Academy is a students’ club. Over 40 years, it organizes and develops students’ free amateur creativity.

Club students are enthusiastic, talented choreographers, vocalists, screenwriters and directors.

In our club there is the opportunity to students to organize their creative studio. Through the efforts of the leaders and creative youth groups interesting events, concerts, holiday parties are organized.

Every student here can find something interesting.

Club Teams:

“FlashDance” is a young modern dance group, practicing in their different styles of dance – classical dance, stylized folk, jazz, modern, and others.

Show-ballet “Ekskurs” was founded in 2004 by experienced a talented choreographer Kruglaya Lyudmila. Her efforts lead to many awards of festival “Student Spring”. Show-ballet “Ekskurs” won the Grand Pri II in interuniversity student dance festival “Dance show”.

Studio pop dance “Eridan” was established in 1996. And as in the first years it’s basic concept remains the same – students who have chosen a different professional path, but do not see their life without dance.

Folk dance company “Cascade” was established in 1983. The team is one of the strongest creative teams of Dnepropetrovsk. Ensemble of Dancers “Cascade” proudly defending the honor of DMA not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. It has the collection of medals, cups and other awards from competitions in Russia, Belarus and Moldova. Since 1984, the collective “Cascade” is the constant winner of regional and city intercollegiate festival “Student Spring” in the category of ballroom dances. In 2009-2012 the ensemble has received victory in interuniversity competition “Dance Show” in the category of sports dance.

Club “Mandry” was created as a part of the psychological service of Academy in 2008. Club includes students, graduates of our Academy, teachers. Club “Mandry” provides:

  • Sports tours for students to the Carpathians, the Caucasus by assigning the category of tourism;
  • Excursion and wellness holidays on vacation in the Carpathians and the Crimea;
  • Orienteering race at weekends during the study year;
  • Monthly meetings with the revision of original photos and video materials;
  • Annually provides student participation in regional tourism song festivals.
  • Club “Mandry” became a laureate of the regional tourist song festival in March 2012.

Vocal Studio “Paprika” works in DMA since 2003. This creative team has a multi-genre vocal repertoire consisting of the best contemporary world songs. In addition, each song has an original stage productions making vocal studio “Paprika” an annual winner of the festival “Student Spring”.

Vocal and choreographic band “Charm” was created in September 2009. The repertoire of the band “Charm” is modern hits, hits of the 80’s, Ukrainian folk songs in modern processing. The band “Charm” was triple winner of Festival “Student Spring”.

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