Dnipro State Medical University in the 2018 year ranks the 5th place among all Ukrainian Universities and 25th at Scopus.

The Medical Academy has always paid great attention to international projects, because it opens up great opportunities for self-improvement and development.

Dnepropetrovsk Medical Academy is famous all over the world, and in Ukraine the Academy became the leader in introducing new training programs for students and modern teaching technologies. The Medical Academy was the first to actively introduce the Krok assessment system, which is also used in America and is called Step. And we are very proud of our students, because according to the results of Krok testing our medical academy occupies the leading places among the universities of Ukraine, and the students are among the top ten. Now in the framework of the program with the United States, we will improve the OSCI exam (objective structured clinical exam). This is a final exam in which a student must examine a patient, make a preliminary diagnosis and prescribe a treatment. Presently, the international department has concluded contracts with 14 foreign partners and this work is continuing

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