Online Support

Online Support of Scientific library

What questions can be asked?

  • The availability of relevant literature in the library
  • Issues related to the activities of the library and its information resources
  • The availability of literature on a certain topic
  • Find out the department of the necessary literature
  • Refine the book data: year of publication, publishing house, number of pages, etc.

When will you get the answer?

  • The deadline for receiving an answer depends on the complexity of the request
  • Within 1-2 business days, factual, thematic queries can be issued, as well as queries about the availability of specific publications in the library fund of the DMA
  • Answers to inquiries that require a more complex bibliographic search are performed longer
  • Requests are executed in the order of their receipt and only in the working hours of the library
  • Requests have to be sent to the address – library@dsma.dp.ua


  • Only one request per day is accepted from one user
  • Full texts of literature are not provided (editions are not scanned)
  • There are no lists of literature for dissertations
  • In response to a thematic request, a response containing no more than 10 titles is provided
  • Issues related to the search for commercial information are not considered
  • Questions that have been given in an incorrect form are not considered

The services of the virtual service are free of charge

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